Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

As long as there is a source of water, mold can quickly grow and spread!

In many cases, mold infestation seems to happen out of nowhere. That is actually not the case. Mold needs a source of water to grow and spread throughout your home or business in the Weymouth area. A leak, flooding, or even excess humidity is enough for mold to begin to flourish throughout your residential and commercial property.

Secret Mold

Anytime mold presents itself in a home it is a biohazard environment. The proper precautious need to be taken. Protective gear and specialty cleaning tools should be used to properly get rid of the contaminants. 

Mold damage in Quincy MA

After drywall tear out mold was found under the drywall.  The mold can quickly spread so they cleaned the area to ensure the mold was contained. The area was then treated and back to normal conditions. 

Mold Caused By Ice Dam Water Backup

The mold in this wall was caused by water leaking into the home when an ice dam formed on the roof causing the water from the melting snow to back up and leak into the wall. The resulting moisture eventually caused this mold to grow.

We Are Mold Experts

When your home suffers a mold loss, you need professionals who are well trained and equipped to handle the cleanup and removal. Our technicians are highly trained, equipped, and ready any time you need them.

Mold cleanup in Weymouth

SERVPRO responded to this mold cleanup in Weymouth. Our team was quick to respond and begin the mitigation process. With mold it is important to have it tested and a proper protocol written for how to remove and then rebuild. 

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